SD Standard Report for Field VKAUS (Usage)

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This is just a simple query. Just need to know if there are any available standard reports that shows the sales order and the value of its usage field? Usage field can be found in table VBAP-VKAUS.
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Jv Nunez


There is no standard report in SAP for VBAP-VKAUS usage field.

Standard report for employee email ids(I T105)

Hi All, Any standard report for employee email ids(I T105) Thanks SDHi.. There is no standard report program but.. you can use Function module HR_READ_INFOTYPE to retrieve email address giving a Personnel number. OR, It is better to go directly to PA

Standard report for transfer

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Standard report for history per purchasing document

hello! Is there any standard report for history per purchasing document that displays also the delivery costs? Thank you!Dear Landra, I think this type of report is not available in SAP, may be you have to write program with ABAPer I  have small idea

Is there a standard report for calculation commision for the sales person?

is there a standard report for calculating commision for the sales person?Hi Stephen, Use standard tcode IW39. In IW39 in section General Data / Administrative Data the is a check box "incl. object list" just tick that box and then give your req

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Standard report for FI Special Ledger Line Item report

is there any standard report for FI Special Ledger Line Item reportHi GD23 for Display of SPL Document GD13 for Trail Balance of SPL GCAC for Ledger Comparision GVTR Balance Carry forward in SPl. Assign Points if useful.Read other 3 answers

SAP Standard Reports for Plant Maintenance

Dear Gurus, Am a newbie in SAP trying to do Plant Maintenance. Is there a list of standard reports for Plant Maintenance ? What T-Code is that ? Regards, TootsieHi Thyaga, Thanks. The answer is correct, and helpful. I can't see how the answers are aw

Standard Report for base Unit of measure & alternative unit

Hi experts Please give me standard reports for viewing base Unit of measure & alternative unit for a material code. Regards sandeepDear Mr Sabine I observed that you have closed lots of thread without a proper solution. How can you do that? Or what p

The standard report for BOMs of a material with a selected period?

Hi Gurus Is there any  standard report for BOMs of a material with a selected period?Hi, You will have to develop a report for your requirement, The following tables will be used for the report MAST-WERKS STPO-MATNR MARA-MAKTX STPO-BMENG STPO-POSNR S

Standard Report for 5 Accounting Books

Hi SAP Guru, Would like to know what is the corresponding Standard Report or tcode in SAP for the following books: 1. Disbursements Journal 2. Receipts Journal 3. Sales Journal 4. General Ledger Journal 5. Cash Journal Appreciate your feedback on thi

Standard Report for Price Variance

Dear Friends, Business is asking for the Price Varinace Report in standard SAP based on following criteriau2019s The requirement is to have a report which provide : ·         Purchase price variance u2013 PO V/s Invoice which is posted to General led

Standard reports for HR-PY, PM, QM

Hi All,            What are the standard reports available for HR- PY, PM, QM modules ?. I couldn't able to locate them in Could you Plz help me with this. Thanks, Bharath.Hi Bharath, For PM:

SAP Standard Report for Cost Element Category

Hi All, I just wanted to know that if there are any report(s) involving Cost element categories. Say for example, if the cost element category is provided the report fetches the cost elements associated with the category and the documents posted. Tha

Standard Report, for checking the PR approval status by a certain User

Hello Experts,                       Is there any standard report in the SAP where we can find out for the given managers, if level 1 approver is Mr. X, then which all has been approved by Mr. X and and pending with subsequent approvers? Please help.

Standard Report for PO with Condition Value

HI MM experts, I have checked all the existing standard reports ME2*, cud not find the report which gives the condition value means Eg; PO made on Pencils - Qty 10 NOs. @ Rs. 1/- (incl tax) condition value for the above is Rs.10, in std sap all repor

Standard Report for GR done for Purchase requisition

Hi all, Is there any standard report from which i can get Goods receipt done for Purchase requsition. I can get the details from ME80FN Through dynamic selection. Anybody is having any other solution apart from this..... Regards shaileshThanks a Lot

Standard report for Open Orders & JIT lines

Hi, I need a standard report that will list out all open Purchase Orders and All Open JIT lines for a Supplier for Perticular plant. Is there any standard report that can pull this data. Regards SandeepUse ME2M / ME2N  and ME2L reports with selection

Standard Report for stock Aging

Hello all, can anyone plz let us know that is there any standard report in SAP for stock aging? actually i have to see the materials quantity whose 311 movement not done after 321 and also from how many days it is pending. Kindly help and tell how ca