Scroll of table in RTL for ADF 11.2 or 11.3

in Firefox the scroll for panelcollection is not working when the language is RTL such as Arabic.
is it a bug or there is solution for it?


RTL is only supported on IE.

Creating 2 table maintainance views for one custom table

Hello All, I want to create 2 table maintainace views for one custom table. I know how to create table maintainace but I want to know whether we can create only one maintainance view or we cal also create 2 maintainace views for a single custom table

Need information on open source testing tools for ADF web applications

Hi experts, I need to investigate on new feasible open source Java testing tools for testing ADF web applications. I have tried to google a lot but getting confused. My requirements as as under: 1. The tool must be open source. 2. It should be easy t

Which table is stored for O3defaults value?

which table is stored for O3defaults value?Dear King Qi , the default values that you create via transaction O3DEFAULTS are stored in two linked database tables: The header data is stored in table OIB_DEF_INDEX_GM The default set parameters itself ar

Tables name & linkages for Delivery qty,Order qty,Inv Qty

Hi, can any one tell me  where can I find delivery qty, ordered qty, Invoice qty for a PO i.e for a given PO number how can I find the above quantities. thanksHi, If you are looking to get the Order quantity, delivered quantity(Goods received) and in

Reg :-maintain a table maintenance view for the z table.suggest me the code

i have question.i have created a z table related to pp module.the requirement is to maintain {table maintenance view} for this z could this be done.can any one suggest me the code for this?Hi , We have a lots of queries on table maintainanc

Any code analysis , audit tool for adf

Hi, Anyone aware of any code analysis and audit tool for ADF. Thanks, Rohitduplicate. Free Security testing tool ADF Edited by: ADF 7 on Jan 18, 2012 11:05 PMRead other 4 answers

How to use the table maintenance events for validating the input entries..?

Hi, I have created a Z table with 6 fields in which all are KEY fields. All are of CHAR type. I have created the Table Maintenance Generator for the same. While maintaining the entries in the table, even though I maintain a blank entry for a field it

What are the best coding standards for ADF 11g?

Hi, Do we have any link that will suggest the best coding standard practices used for ADF 11g? I am looking out from the perspective of some standards that can be defined before starting my project to know the team on how to 1. Minimize Duplicity and

Table of origin for a field in extract structure ??

Is there a way to look at the extract structure of a datasource and know the tables from which its pulling the data from ? I know I can always get them from by going to datasources and can look at the table of origin for a particular fie

How to construct table in jsp for the resultset from helper class

Hi Dudes!!! Want to construct table in jsp for the resultset, but the resultset are retrieved at the helper class.I constructed Table in Helper class Using StringBuffer and return it as string from the helper class.Is their any other feasible and eff

Two table maintenance generator for one table

Can we created two table maintenance generator for one ztable. if yes then what will be the steps.Hi Prem, Why you need two table maintenance generator for a single table? We can generate only single table maintenance  generator for a single table. y

Weblogic production cluster: how to configure it for ADF, ADF Faces, BC?

Given a production ready cluster of Weblogic 10.2. What should I do to convert it an ADF ready weblogic server ? How to make it as usable for ADF as the integrated weblogic in jdeveloper? any official guide from Oracle ? thanks, fabioFor WLS 11g (aka

Barcode for ADF !

Dears, i have one customized ADF Application (ADF BC/ JSF) 12.1.2, and i need to use bar code to read some elements & Print out bar code for some elements. i need to buy one compatible barcode reader, could you please advise with good one for ADF? do

Can't find Javadoc for ADF Faces components

I have tried to locate javadoc documentation for ADF Faces Java classes, but am not able to find anything. For example, the ADF Faces tag documentation for af:convertNumber has the following comment: "Further more information see javadoc for oracle.a

Certification path for ADF

Hi, What about certifiation path for ADF programmers ? Is Oracle planning start it in this year ? KubaWe are looking into establishing such a certification for ADF 11.Read other 2 answers

Can anybody explain what is support for ADF Project and to solve the Issues

Hi, I am new to ADF and i am currently associated to ADF Support Project. Can anybody explain what is support for ADF Project and to solve the Issues when the ADF Project is in Live. we are getting the Tickets for the Issues. Thanks in advance.I agre

Table.Maint.Gen-- Events are only for DB tables? not for views?

Hi, Are the events in Table.Maint.Gen only for DB tables? not for views? because I have written the logic in events of Table.Maint.Gen of a view but it is not getting executed.Hi, 1.Yes,The events are only for the Data Base tables ,not for the Views.

Reg: In Which Table Tax Details for the invoice are stored

Team, Can you please help me in which table : tax information for the invoice is stored. I need the following tax : QST_PAID_AMOUNT ,GST_PAID_AMOUNT, GST_CONTRA_AMOUNT information for invoice. Thanks.Hello Vinay, Here's the answer - select single *  

How to put pictures inside the table in Pages for IPad?

How can I put pictures inside the table in Pages for IPad? I can do that in Pages in my macbook, but I can't in IPad.It would appear that unless you are working from a document that already had section breaks (or the equivilent) ,you can't. I have so