Screen/graphics card issue with Late 2011 MBP (13")

I've got a strange thing (not sure if it's really an issue or it's normal with this device) with the screen or the graphics card of my 13" MacBook Pro.
The issue resembles some kind of dithering, but only when high-contrast parts of the screen are moving. It's therefore most obvious when scrolling through websites, but it's also apparent when moving windows or watching video's.
It seems like, when you have a horizontal row of pixels, the even pixels change at a different speed than the odd pixels, which results in the impression of a lot of dots on screen when scrolling.
I've already tried to find if this is a common issue but couldn't find a similar issue. I'm also not able to determine if it has something to do with the graphics card (Intel HD Graphics 3000) or the screen (couldn't find the type of display that's used).
What i'd like to know is if it's actually an issue and I need to go to an Apple Store, or that it's just part of this machine and I shouldn't be worried about it.
Please take a look at pictures i tried to make of this, it might be hard to see as you also see a lot of motion blur, but hopefully it gives a good impression. All screenshots are made while scrolling a webpage.


The outside temperature in my house is at 71-72 degrees. If I am using it in my lap I have a Targus lap mat that has two fans in it. If I am using it at my desk I have it in a BookArc stand with the hinge UP so the heat may rise out of the top, using it in clamshell mode (which is supposed to HELP with heat). If they are designed to work UPTO 35 C then I am DEFINITELY having problems. I am at 50 c right now and all I have done since turning it on an hour and a half ago is write a 3 page word document, look at one email and now I am replying to this. Is it possible that SmcFan is incorrect?