Scrapping of compensating product

We are implenting the IPR functionality. I understand the scrapping of IPR componets done from stock overview transaction. We have the requiremnt to do the scrapping of the compensating product. There is two type of scrapping in the feeder system. One is in the quality inspection(destructive testing) of the finished product from the production process and the unplanned scrapping of production rejection.
I have added the corresponding movement type 331 and 551 in the MM0C Receipt/Import: Material Document/Document type configuration.
Is it possible to transfer the material posting documents to  GTS and create scrapping document in GTS?
Please provide suggestions and steps to achieve this requirement.


Asset Transfer - If the asset is moved between the company codes - Tcode: ABUMN
Scapping - It is retirement of asset by scrape - Tcode: ABAVN
Give the doc data, asset value date , reason fro scrapping and save
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