Scheduling Agreement Localization SAP Brasil

Hi Experts
I need to implement scheduling Agreemnt in Brasil but I haven't found the settings of LPLB (item of document type COB) in fact I don't know if there is some upgrade or some SAP note for that appears in the system automatically the document type LP - LPN, COB - LPLB beacuse in this moments is misses, Our version of SAP is 6.0. Or I should create manually.
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Contracts and scheduling agreements are treated alike in SPM.  So use contracts data type to load your data.

Scheduling Agreement in SAP SPM

Hi We want to load scheduling agreement in SPM. We have two issues: 1) What DATA TYPE should we select when loading the SAgreement 2) Where can we find the schema file for SAGREEMENT as it is not available in the standard MASTER DATA schema file Rega

SAP best practice on scheduling agreements

Hello all, Our client is an automotive supplier and currently in the SAP environment we use spot POs for indirect purchasing (thru SRM) and scheduling agreement for direct procurement. The scheduling agreements have multiple lines and we try to proce

Integration of ECC Scheduling Agreement (Doc Type LP) with SAP TM

Hello Experts, I am trying to integrate ECC Scheduling Agreement (Doc Type LP) to create OTR in TM System. I have maintained below settings: 1. Create and Activate Control Key 2. Output determination procedure linked to LP has output type TRS0 with r


Hello, I have an SRM rel 4.0. integrated with R/3. I have implemented a Plan driven procurement scenarious with auctions and Bid invitations. I would like to know if is it possible generate, as follow on document a Scheduling Agreement instead of a C

Scheduling agreement with Consumption based planning

Dear Experts, I Have a Scenario, I need to Bulit a Laptop which is a Finished Material, and the Components like Hardisk, Processor, Ram, Casing, Monitor are my Rawmaterials. By using these rawmaterials we are building the parent material. My Client r

List of Issues in Scheduling agreement ??

Hii experts Cam somebody explain me about the crictical issue in scheduling agreements in MM . What kind of issues will occur in SAP SA scenario. Can somebody share their exp on this ... ThanksPlease check the SA issues in these links: Scheduling Agr

Scheduling agreement: Reference document type is diferent

All SAP Gurus, We have created a scheduling agreemnet with document type SA01. Now, we want to create a new scheduling agreement with reference to it (SA01), but its document type is different (SA02). So, system is giving an eror message as 'Referenc

Sales Scheduling Agreements

Hi,         In transportation lanes, we can got to sales scheduling agreements using menu path Goto>sales scheduling agreements I understand that the Scheduling agreements on R/3 become external procurement relationships and transportation lanes in A

Availability check in Scheduling agreement

Hi thr, Could someone please explain me about the availability check in the scheduling agreement. In the availability screen of the agreement, when i enter the scheduling lines, when i give partial qts it gives me error saying "on date(which i enter)

Scheduling agreement and GR

Hello experts, I use purchasing schedule agreement I would like to build a report in which I can see for each schedule agreement, for each delivery (Goods receipt) the date and the quantity and how SAP split this quantity according to schedule lines

Sales & Distribution - Route at Schedule Agreement

Dear all, When receiving PO or Schedule Agreement from the customers we can pull back the delivery date, as lead-time, using the "Route" in Schedule Agreement VA33-Item-Shipping. For example, the customer delivery date is 07/21/2008 (monday) and

Scheduling agreement in SD, release number

Dear All, I trying to implement an automatic process for one customer, getting in an EDI 862; transferring this in an IDOC message type DELINS of Basictype DELFOR02 and updating the scheduling agreement accordingly. This is working fine, for simple c

Change Schedule Lines values for Each Item for a Scheduling Agreement ?

Hii     I want to change the Schedule Line Schedule Qty for Each Line item for a Scheduling Agreement . I cannot use BAPI_PO_CHANGE as this is for PO only and gives error for a scheduling agreement. I am on 4.6c so i SAP does not have BAPI_AGREEMENT_

Schedule Agreement Mass Maintenance (ECC 5.0)

In ECC 5.0 the TA MEMASSSA for mass maintenance of schedule agreement don't exist and about the TA MEMASSPO "SAP responded to my OSS message stating that the exclusion of schedule agreements from mass maintenance was deliberate." Whereas now in

Scheduling agreement for customer?

Hi, Similar to what we have in MM the scheduling agreement, which as i know is the substitute for long term purcahse order. my question is whether we also have scheduling agreement between firm and the customer simliar to scheduling agreement? there

Scheduling agreements - orders friming that are partially receipted

Hello, I'm new to scheduling agreements so I'm not sure excatly where to start - there is an issue  where after an SAP receipt is completed against a release/order and the receipt amount does match the order amount, SAP automatically "*" firms t

Modification in MEDRUCK for purchase order, RFQ, scheduling agreement.....

Hi all I have requirment in which i have to modify standard script MEDRUCK for PO, RFQ, SCHEDULING AGREEMENT, AND QUANTITY CHART. I know how to modify standard layouts but after modifying layouts what to do next?? How can i use same medruck script fo

Check for scheduling agreement

hi friends,     can u please tell me wen we make a scheduling agreement for a particular vendor and a particular material.........there should be a check for not making that scheduling agreement until this order is complete?Howdear sridhar kumar  ple

Diff btwn contracts and scheduling agreements????

hi buddies..... i have facing this question in lot of interviews but cant able to answer properly.... plz gimme some interview point of view answers... thanks in advance... venkatesh.vOutline agreements in procurement can be 2 types: Contracts or Sch