Satellite L750D shuts down in 2 seconds, can't access BIOS

I have A Toshiba L750D, when I switch on, on turns off within 2 seconds or so. I have tried F2, bios comes up, but then computer shuts down.
I have tried the normal reset procedure, no difference.
I have tried removing memory and trying other memory, no difference
I have tried removing cd, hard drive, keyboard and battery, no difference
Unplugged screen, no difference, shuts down in seconds.
Fan begins to spin, thought this maybe faulty, changed the fan, no difference.
I am assuming this is a motherboard issue? any help appreciated


>I am assuming this is a motherboard issue?
Yes, it looks like the motherboard is affected.
This assumption might be correct since other possible troublemakers have been checked and this did not solve your problem.
Im not quite sure if motherboard replacement is an option in this case since such part is not cheap. I guess would need to check if its an option for you or maybe buying new notebook would be a better solution.

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