Satellite L300D - Black Screen on start-up

Hi Guys, I need some help please. On Thursday I was on my computer and noticed the time was wrong I thought I must of done something wrong and was going to fix it. I went to restart my computer but it wouldnt boot just had a black screen. I knew I hadnt damaged the screen. After a bit of googling I read about taking the battery out and plugging the charger in and low and behold it worked!
On Friday I charged my battery up for an hour and put it in the computer and that worked too so I thought the problem was solved.
Unfortunately today my computer will not start at all with or without the battery in still get the black screen. The fan is going but apart from that its very quiet. I tried putting the cd in to see if that would do anything but it didnt.
Any suggestions please?


When I first got theToshiba Satellite, it came with Vista. It was UNUSABLE! I mean that I would have to restart it by removing the battery and disconnecting all power every couple of hours.
Toshiba wouldn't help me and microsoft would not help me.
They both blamed each other. So after paying over $700.00 I was disappointed.
After a year of struggling, I found the drivers for windows XP and installed Windows XP. The laptop was suddenly fast and it worked.
I don't like how hot it gets and the noisy fan on most of the time. A friend has a LENOVO laptop that works very good, and is very quiet.
I doubt that I would ever buy another TOSHIBA again, mostly because they did not support me when the laptop was unusable right out of the box.
Also 3 years is too short a period of time for the 4700.00 Laptop to go in the landfill!