SAP Smart Forms: General Indicator(Already sort)check box

If in the form interface a tables was passed that was sorted before by the application, and it is now processed in the loop of a data node, we must again list the sort fields explicitly and, in addition, mark the checkbox "already sorted".
I have given the fields name and trying to sort again with other fields but it seems that the sorting is not done.
Is it some thing which I am missing..
let me know.


Hi Krishna,
I am sorting the material for pick and pack for delivery.
I have five field in the form
Material description.
The internal table is sorted table and if I just gave the material field(checked the Event on Sort field)..It gives an error as internal table is a table of sorted,you cannot use the use sort command as an error
If I check the already sorted I am able to activated without any error but in the form output the material is not sorted.
As you mentioned If I try to create the table line in the event for material and there are about 5 table lines created and how/what fields should I map there.
Thanks for suggestion and please suggest what field should I map in the field.
Please let me know.
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