SAP Library access

Hi - has anyone experienced attempting to access the on-line SAP Library, but when you click on English a new window opens which is blank ?
Is this anything to do with my Internet settings ? I have compared to another PC which access the library ok asnd they are the same.
Many thanks.


Hi Peter,
Searching is an art in its own:) I recommend the following:
1. Open
2. Click on the link called "Search Documentation" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. (Icon of a magnifying glass in front of it)
3. Select the options you need.
Example: The "SAP NetWeaver" radio button, Area: SAP NetWaver, Application: "SAP Netweaver", Release: 2004s, Language: English.
4. Enter your search keywords.
For me personally this is the most efficient way of searching SAP documentation. Your way is also not impossible but it takes significantly more time and effort. I hope it will work like that.
Please, award points if helpful:)
Best regards,

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