SAP IDM 7.0 connecting to SAP GRC 10.1

Hi Gurus,
I was looking into connecting SAP IDM 7.0 with SAP GRC AC 10.1 and I cannot find a suitable connector for this.
Could any of you provide some guidance on how to make this connections.
Thanks and Regards,


If i remember correctly the 7.0 version had only mx_provision, mx_deprovision and mx_modify -tasks so the integration would have be built on these tasks. As there is no validate add task to hang the GRC call GRC would have to do provisioning.
7.0 datamodel is different than 7.2, I haven't studied in detail but would guess there is enough difference also in the tables that store tasks/jobs etc that the 7.2 GRC provisioning framework would not   even import to 7.0. You would need to set-up a 7.2 on the side to study the framework to see how to duplicate the tasks..
VDS in the middle is another thing as it would need to be able to communicate with your custom connector in 7.0.
If you must stick with 7.0 maybe the GRC connector of 7.1 is worth a try.. But you would probably need also older VDS.
Depending on the level of your existing customisations and what data from 7.0 is worth keeping the upgrade to 7.2 is not necessarily big thing compared to the effort of building the interim custom interface.. The real question is how big and complex is your 7.0 implementation?
regards, Tero

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