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Hi Ambarish,
The IDES upgrade is not recommended and not supported by SAP. Reason being, IDES content contains many objects in the customer namespaces and the upgrade would certainly run into issues due to these. SAP Support also cannot be sought for, as the upgrade itself is not recommended. We have performed IDES upgrades, but encountered many issues during the procedure.
u201CIDES Content: Please note that all Support Packages / Enhancement Packages / Upgrades do not have any additional IDES-specific parts. You will not find additionaly demo data in your system after a technical upgrade.u201D
This states that standard SAP content delivery routes (SPs, EhPs, Upg exports) will not contain any IDES content, which is logical. The IDES content is not required by all customers needing SPs, EhPs or upgrades.

Differences between Product Version SAP ERP 2005 and SAP ECC 6.0

Hello Guys, I have to setup an new XI interface between two R/3 system. During Integration Scenario setup you have to select under Application Component Type the Product version for the R/3 systems. Now, i am able to select SAP ERP 2005 or SAP ECC 6.

SAP ERP  logical Component MISSING !!!!

Hi, I'm trying to configure a SAP ERP 2005 in SSM but when I try to assign the system to the logical component SAP ERP 2005 it doesn't appear in the list; I only have SAP ECC Server and Application server ABAP. Like this I can't assing my SAP ERP 200

Cant activate SAP ERP on HANA - Instance Status "Undefined"

Dear all, following: I tryed to run an ERP on HANA demo instance. So I have created an AWS account, activated EC2 and tryed to a

Difference in SAP R/3 Financials and MY SAP ERP Financials

Hi ALL, Can any one tell me the difference in SAP R/3 Financial and MY SAP ERP Financial Thank and Regards KedarMy SAP ERP provides additional analytics such as financial analytics, workforce analytics and operations analytics. We get employee life c

Post installation steps for SAP PI, scenarios for SAP ERP 6.0 EhP 3.0 BAIO

Hi! I installed SAP NetWeaver 2004S with PI component. I also have a demo SAP ERP 6.0 EhP 3.0 BAIO system with several clients: (100: demo client, 200: BW, 300: demo client (copy of 100)). Questions: what are the post installation steps to configure

SAP ERP Installation Error

Hello All, Not sure, whether this is the right forum to post the installation problems or not, but, would be very happy to take guidance about the right forum for these kind problems. I am doing SAP ERP 2005 (based on SAP NW 7.0 SR1) on AIX 6.1 in HA

Entry in SLD for SAP delivered software component contents

Hi    I have a predelivered software component version ( SWCV )  ESA ECC-SE 602 which I imported into IR  ( by setting the *tpz file in the appropriate folder and the imported from IR ) This worked ok. Now I have a custom SWCV - that I created in SLD

Sales Order Creation for Advertising Management(Broadcasting) - SAP ERP 6.0

Hi all,         my scenario is to place a Order say "Commercial" and want to read the same from ERP after creating the order. please give me a step by step solution for placing this order as i am very new to this topic. I have gone through this

FEBA appearance in SAP ERP (5.0)

Hello, I have a following problem. In version SAP ERP (5.0) bank statements in FEBA (Postprocess Electronic Bank Statmt) are sorted by its number, not like in verison SAP 4.6C - year and number. I know that I can use "Other display" or prepare V

What is the Current ABAP Kernel version for SAP ERP 6 (ECC6)..?

What is the Current ABAP Kernel version for SAP ERP 6 (ECC6)..?Hi, Login to using your S user-id Serach for kernel Check for your relevent kernel patch (unicode/non-unicode , NW release etc.) Regards, RajneeshRead other 4

Set up Business Connector within SAP ERP 2005

Hello! Which SPRO-Activity is responsible for setting up Business Connector within SAP ERP 2005 (only ABAP-Stack)? What is the effort should be regarded for this issue? Thank you very much! regards ThomHi Tony, are you using gcj from Red Hat as Java?

Synchronize Business Partner from SAP CRM - SAP ERP

Hi experts, I would like to synchronize our BPs from the CRM into our SAP ERP System. What Ive done until now: 1. start initial load "bupa_main" from "CRM" to "OTLP" 2. check if everything is correct with R3AM1 - after ~ 1 ho

Need Details about SAP ERP EHP 4.0

Hi I am trying to get the latest SAP ERP EHP 4.0 but i am unable to find in the market place . Can anybody please let me know how can i get the package Thanks In Advance VarunHi, Please go through below procedure.... [Click Here|

Installing SAP ERP Net Weaver application server

Dear, I am newcomer in SAP ERP industry, so i would like to practice more at home after which i learned in University. I want to install SAP ERP application at home which is run offline ( which could be adjusted as i want ) not via web browser like I



SAP ERP version release info

Hi, how will i find whether the installed SAP ERP system is of SR1 /SR2 /SR3  ? is there any t code / OS level file to know this information.... This will be useful if i don't have the sap installation folder and i want to take an export for the syst

How to analyse the main memory usage in SAP ERP systems?

Dear expert, I'm doing a research work about analysing the main memory usage in SAP ERP systems. I would like to find out what is load in buffers and when. That means, which process have the control of these memories and which are always performing s

Business System name - SAP ERP

Hi everyone! Quick question: my BASIS team created the Business System name for our SAP ERP, and they call it "DR1", which is the system ID. Is  this going to bother me in the transport situation? (All I imagine is changing all of my Configurati

Hi.....I want to send outbond email from SAP ERP to Gmail useing SBWP Tcode

I want to send outbond email from  SAP ERP to Gmail  useing SBWP transaction , for that i want standered BADI or BAPI or RFC to send an outbond mail.i want to send a email from sbwp t-code in that t-code we have title text box and body text box and r