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Hi Ambarish,
The IDES upgrade is not recommended and not supported by SAP. Reason being, IDES content contains many objects in the customer namespaces and the upgrade would certainly run into issues due to these. SAP Support also cannot be sought for, as the upgrade itself is not recommended. We have performed IDES upgrades, but encountered many issues during the procedure.
u201CIDES Content: Please note that all Support Packages / Enhancement Packages / Upgrades do not have any additional IDES-specific parts. You will not find additionaly demo data in your system after a technical upgrade.u201D
This states that standard SAP content delivery routes (SPs, EhPs, Upg exports) will not contain any IDES content, which is logical. The IDES content is not required by all customers needing SPs, EhPs or upgrades.