SAP DSD - geocoding for customers - field format does not fit to examples

Hello to all,
We have a customer requirement behind this. We intend to use the DSD-Addon for several issues. One of these issues is to store geocoding information for our customer data within SAP. The SAP-Release is 4.7 with the DSD-Addon active. I checked all threads within the network and also checked SAP-Help and OSS-messages. Now our issue:
When I look at the fields for storing the geocode (Longitude and Latitude) they do not fit to the testdata I got from our customers. The data look like this:
customer:       x-Coord           y-Coord_
10001             744264,3384   6657823,32
10002             813368,6494   6699051,344
10003             790475,8379   6702787,298
10004             862729,1893   6690792,612
The fields in the DSD-Customerdata have the format "123.123456789012". So I wonder how my data could fit into these fields. Is there anybody who has experience with this? I did not find any information or examples in the SAP-Help for this. What is wrong the format of the fields or the format of the x/y-Coordinates?
Thanks in advance!
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Gerlinde von Calle and Thomas Vomhof
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Hi Srinivas ,
Let me confirm which version of SAP your using
As per your post -
1. Table total does not fit into window 
     Check your table is fit in the window or not (window will be main window)
2.Error occured while sending mail SO_OBJECT_SEND, return code L (message type: warning)
Check your parameters that passing to the SO_OBJECT_SEND
3.Page format with orientation unknown (message type: warning)
     Check your styles that are using  in the form 
4.Form TOTALS has wrong page format (message type: error)
     Chekc your page format that is going to to support printer what your using - check the printer settings.
    I think your are using the u r own z page format
Let me know if any concerns...