SAP Business One on Ipad

Dear All,
I installed SAP Business One 8.81 PL04 (on Server) and SQL server 2005.
My questions are
1) i install B1 integration component, when i am opening the integration framework i am getting a windows security dialog box in which it is mentioned that "The server at B1iP_dummy requires a user name and password.
Warning: The server is requesting that your user name and password be sent in the insecure mannar(basic authentication without a secure connection.
User Name :B1iadmin
Here my question is that if i provide username and password, Integration Solution for SAP Business One is opened but is not reflecting any data when i am clicking on SLD, Scnarios, Maintaining, Control Centre.......etc.
2) I want to connect to the server through the ipad.
I put the user as mobile user, i have given UDID number of Ipad, phone no of mobile user in SAP Business One.
I have given the server details like IP add: and kept SSL On and given DB Name as SBODemoIN and username as 'ABC'.
When i am entering the password it is reflecting me an error "an ssl error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made. [-1200]'.
I want to know where i have done the mistake.
Note: i tried by giving ip with B1 port number like : again its reflecting same error.
Can any body help me out.


Lets try to keep it together ...
1.) in SAP Business One you have to set the following settings for the user you want to connect with
a.) checkbox "mobile user" is checked
b.) mobile-number (must be digit by digit the same as you set it in the settings of the App)
c.) UDID of the iPad/iPhone (this is a 40 (!!!) digit alphanumerical number of the device)
ATTENTION - since SBO App. v.1.6.0, the UDID is no longer in use, now yo have to set the W-LAN MAC Adress here
d.) the User has a limited or a professional user license
e.) the user has a B1i licence
2.) settings in the iPad/iPhone App
a.) Server: IP Adress of the Bi1 Integration Server followed by :8443 (e.g.:
8080 is the http port (unsecure), while 8443 is the https port (secure)
b.) SSL: is on
c.) Company DB: the database Name of the company you wanted to connect to (and where you have made the user setting above) (e.g.: SBODemoIN)
d.) Usercocode: the log in name of the user you made the above settings for (e.g.: manager)
e.) Phonenumber: digit by digit the same as above 1.).b.)
f.) Demosystem: needless to say, this is Off
3.) network settings
a.) certainly the port 8443 must be available from outside the network
b.) VPN connection to the network must be possible
c.) the VPN connection setting has to be set in the iPad(iPhone
If this all is set and done,
1.) you first have to establish a VPN connection with your iPad/iPhone
2.) and now/than you should be able to connect to the company with the iPad/iPhone App
Hope this helps and make it e little bit clearer how this all works.
The SBO App is "nothing else" as an WebService-Call-Interface from the iPad/iPhone to the B1i Server. Every form/view you are filling in the App, is a WebService call/request to SAP Business One. To Send this WebService Request to the B1i Server, you first have to connect into the company network (via VPN) otherwise you call cannot reach the B1i Server ...
regards from Hamburg,