SAP Attributes of Service Desk in Solution Manager

Dear all,
We are using the Service Desk functionality of Solution Manager to create issues out of the satellite systems directly in SolMan.
When opening a SolMan msg, navigating to 'Transaction Data > SAP Attributes', you have a field called 'System Type'.
I'm trying to find out how this field is filled out. I suppose this is done by the satellite system at the moment the msg is send to SolMan.
Already did some investigation:
     - in the satellite systems:
t-code: USMM - System Type
t-code: SCC4 - Client Role
     - in SolMan:
t-code: IB52 - no system type attribute found in the IBase
We have one system where none of the system type is set to 'Production', but when raising an issue in SolMan system type 'Production' is choosen.
Anybody an idea where this info comes from?
Thanks a lot!


Hi Roel,
quick answer since I have been trying to find some answers about Service Desk myself.
Anyway, I would double check again the satellite system and make sure that the client you have logged on is the same like in the service desk message. Usually, the IBase number the last 3 digits will tell you, which client it was created in. There might be one client configured in SCC4 as productive client even though it is not a production server. I have that kind of situation with one customer environment. Once the sap router is up and running for this customer system, then I will see, if this actually does happen.
Otherwise, I would not have any ideas either.
Your welcome,

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