Sales commission handling

I would like to know in general, how to handling the sales commission. For example, the salesman will get 5% commission for sales order A. In financial side, how to capture those commission expense. Is it add this commission in the invoice condition price? Thanks!


Create Commission Agent in XD01 with your own Account Group starting with Z.
Attach in the customer master of Sold to Party created in XD01 with Account Group 0001 the Commission Agent you created with your own Account Group starting with Z.
Raise a sale order through VA01 and check the partner functions. For Sold to Party the Commission Agent should appear in the Partner Functions.
Hence Commission Agent will be by default attached to the customers as partners. They will flow to the sale order partner levels.
If an order is to be delivered through the dealer, then the partners will reamin in the sale order as it is. If not they will be deleted from the sale order partner functions.
For the purpose of commission payable, we will have rebate agreements in place. Rebate Agreements work on the combination of Customer, Material and Pricing Conditions. We need to maintain 1:1 relationship and can create a rebate agreement and settle the agreememt after the end of the validity period.
We will use the customer specific rebate condition and this will get activated in the billing document and FI accrual accounts gets updated.