Safari is insanely slow

When I start Safari for the first time after booting up my MacBook Pro, it takes around 20 seconds for my homepage to load, and Safari locks up, and while surfing at any given time I will get a colorwheel when webpages are loading.
To be clear, this is NOT an internet speed issue, my internet speed is perfectly fast. It's an issue with Safari.
My computer itself boots up slower than usual as well.
I've ran virus and spyware scans, and nothing has come back negative.
Does this sound like a RAM issue? What could it be?


My computer itself boots up slower than usual as well.
Seems there's multiple problems going on here.... Safari issues are addressed in other posts here. As far as possible OS issues:
Are you seeing slowness before or after the OS log-in? If before...
May be a sign of Hard Disk corruption. Start the computer in Safe Mode by holding down the shift key on the restart. Release it when the spinning Apple Gear appears. This start-up sequence includes maintenance scripts. After you log-in, restart the computer as usual.
If the start-up still seemed slow, open Disk Utility in your Utilities folder. Highlight your HD, then select "verify disk". Any errors?
If after....
Have a look at System Preferences>Accounts>Log-in. Scan the list to make sure those applications opening on the start-up are necessary. Remove any that you don't want by highlight, then selecting the "minus" sign.