RVS4000 -- ASA5510

Today i replaced an old Sonicwall VPN firewall on site2 with a Cisco RVS4000 Gigabit router because of slow throughput these days.
With the Sonicwall i had something like 20Mbit throuhput, and the RVS4000 has 800Mbps Throughput (normal internet throughput).
site1 has 100Mbit fiber internet connection with cisco ASA 5510
site2 has 100Mbit fiber internet connection with cisco RVS4000 (just bought it today)
RVS4000 has latest firmware V2.0.2.7 and  IPS disabled.
The VPN connection reconfigured and is working between site1 and site2.
But the Throughput of copying a file form Site1 to Site1 is very bad and dissapointing! the throuput is like 3Mbit............. so its worse then the very old sonicwall firewall.
Anyone an idea?


forgot to mention, i have also a site2site connection from site1 to site3 where site3 als has 100Mbit fiber connection and also a ASA5510, and the VPN throughput is almost 100mbit! so whats happening with the RVS4000