Role VN not defined in master record for vendor 1000000465

dear alll,
while preparing PO, with one vendor system is giving the below message and
when observed the vendor master data,last view vendor partner roles not updated.
If i go ahead with the same vendor, after giving tax code, taxes tab not getting open to calculate taxes
Despite,condition records  are there  for the respective condition types with the key combination material,vendor,plant why system is not picking taxes?
Role VN not defined in master record for vendor 1000000465
Message no. ME329
The vendor may only operate as a partner for other vendors (e.g. as ordering address or invoicing party), not as the vendor who actually fulfills the order.
u2022     If this is a warning message, you can ignore it.
u2022     If this is an error message add partner role VN to the vendor master record:
Perform function
some times taxes getting calculated properly but in print priew, tax related informaton(values) missing.
what might be the possible reason? please suggest the way


Message no. ME329
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G. Lakshmipathi

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