RoboHELP 6 Crashes When Importing Word 2003 File

Discovered this today by accident (after modifying a Word
2003 file that I was previously able to import to "test" Help files
using both RH HTML and RH for Word (both V6) and thought I'd report
it because it appears to be a bug:
If you select the following option in the Word file that you
are importing, RoboHelp will crash during the import:
Tools, Options, General tab, Web Options, Files tab,
Organize supporting files in a folder
When you do the Import Word file action from RoboHelp, it
starts the import then issues a Microsoft C++ Debug Library message
box that says:
Debug Error!
Program: C:\Program Files\Adobe\RoboHelp
abnormal program termination
(Press Retry to debug the application)
Abort Retry Ignore
Doesn't matter what you select. RoboHELP crashes and the Word
file is not imported.
Wanted to report this here in case someone else runs into
this. It cost me a lot of time today.


Hi Peter
Thank you for the suggestion. I created a new project, new
folders, imported the files a few at a time & compiled it each
time (with one build tag in it) and found that only two files made
it crash. On the one file, I removed the tables (which had no
merged cells) from the project and it worked. The other file was
removed completly and I will re-do that page.
I then opened my current project (with all links &
pictures etc TOC working) and imported the changed file and removed
the other file and wala....I have a useable project.
The project was on our own software so unfortunately I would
not be able to share it.
Being a relativley new (1.5 yrs) user, I find running into
bugs are brutal....Thanks for all your help.