RFC destination not defined for SAP global trade services

HI friends,
I have created a delivery against a sales order. Maintained the storage location and the picking quantity for the item.
Now trying to post the goods issue but system is giving short dump and error message says:
"RFC destination is not defined for SAP global trade services"
We are not using SAP global trade services module and no IDocs are involved in the process.
Please help
Thanks in advance


Hi Mohit,
Thank you for replying.
It was not an issue with RFC destination but to do with transfer of outbound delivery processes to SAP global trade services.
As we were not using global trade services, we had to deactivate the transfer of data from SD application to global trade services.
The settings are under IMG>SD>foreging trade>SAP global trade services-plug-in> control data transfer to SAP global trade services
Deactivate all the activities.
Now this issue has been resolved.
Thank you again for replying.