Return Delivery via BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE

I'm trying to post a return delivery movement type 222 using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE but getting error For reservation 0002207600 0001, no movements can be posted  . I notice that this bapi was using MB11 for the posting and tested also getting same error. But the return delivery was able to be post using MIGO.


Not able to post via BAPI causes by the item in the reservation was mark for deletion.

STO Return Delivery

Hi Gurus, Plant A orders for 100 Qty(STO) to Plant B of the same company code C. Plant B supplies 100 Qty,But 20 Qty are damaged. Plant A, Returns that 20 Qty to Plant B. Now My Q is,how will u receive that 20 qty in Plant B,What is the Movement type

Unable to post return delivery whne the input material is batch managed

Hi, While clearing the Subcontract GRN where the input material is batch managed, unable to put return delviery and the system throws error and unable to complete quantity posting. Please guide me. Regards, RR GopalanThis is caused due to some techni

Create return delivery in MB11

Hi expert, I am trying to post a return delivery 222 via BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE and also in MB11 and getting error For reservation 0002207600 0001, no movements can be posted. But i am able to post the return delivery by using MIGO. Any idea why this h

Issue with Return Delivery for movement type 262

Hi, I have got a strange issue, the user is trying to do a MIGO Return Delivery for a material document using movement type 262, this he claims has been doing it for many materials. However when i go to the MKPF table i see the transaction Code field

MBRL - return delivery

Hi Guys, I work on 6.0 system. I make return delivery using  T_code MBRL. When I set indicator in field "Create Delivery" system doesn't let me save dokument. I get message "Data for creating delivery is incomplite (Sales Org.)" I chec

Same Handling Unit in Return delivery

we have a scenario which we are implementing for SAP's client DHL. The scenario is as follows: 1. We have done the GI for the handling units. 2. And we want to take the same handling units back. In order to do so, what we do 1. We create a return ord

Made-to-order scenario - returns delivery PGR

Hello SAP Gurus, I have a special scenario at my client. We use VC. The requirement class creates the production order automatically. We have to release the production order & receive it into inventory to deliver. This is what we do - 1. Create sales

Bapi for return delivery of rejected goods

Hi experts, can you tell me is there is any bapi for return delivery of rejected goods at transaction QA11? thanksHi, You need to use FM BAPI_PO_CREATE to create the return have to manually the rejected goods..... CALL FUNCTION 'BAPI_PO_

How to explode BOM in vendor return delivery ?

I am working on creating item categories that will help explode BOM But I have to do that for vendor return delivery The BOM (structure A or B) settings are visible in item category for sales order but not for delivery item So, how can I make an item

Prob in activating a field in delivery while creating delivery via VL04

hi thx i am also facing the same prob. this badi is working while creating deliveries via VL01N OR VL02N but if we are creating delivery via VL04 this badi is not working, can u please guide me. thanx in adv.In the Import parameter TECHN_CONTROL  one

Single Excise Invoice for Multiple Return Delivery

Suppose we have multiple number of material documents against a single PO and the excise invoice posting has been done. After quality inspection the material gets rejected and we create a return delivery using 122 movement type. In this situation, is

Regarding return delivery

Hi spgurus, suppose i received 100 pc (migo) of exciseable item and i did MIRO (100 pc) and the management found that 20 pc as damage part, so at MIGO , i selected return delievy with capture and post of Excsie Invoice but whenever i do check the err

No Return delivery

Hi all I am facing problem while doing return delivery. The GR is done for material and it got posted to quality inspection. There due to poor quality , it is moved to blocked stock. Invoice is posted. Now i want to return to vendor, while doing retu

Vendor return delivery for excisable goods

Hi, I have few queries regarding vendor return delivery of excisable items. 1) MIGO is done- Part 1 is done     J1IEX_P- Part 2 is done.    MIRO is done/not done. 2) MIGO is done-Part 1 is done.     J1IEX is not done.     MIRO is not done. 3) In case

Return delivery during PGI takes current MAP instead of old MAP

Re: Return Delivery Goods Receipt amount takes current MAP instead of old MAP Re: Sales return delivery - amount takes current MAP instead of old MAP I have similar question as above link. This link is marked as answered, however I am not able to res

Returns delivery and Serial Number status

Hi Experts, for Goods returns, we create a Returns Delivery with a Material and Serial No. We can't make any Goods movement because the Status (into IQ03) stay on ECUS (or EKUN). I can modify this status by using IE02, but is it possible to do it wit

Return Delivery when the material document has been archived

Hi There, We have a situation in which we need to return some consignment material to a vendor because we don't need it anymore. We have 74 units in unrestricted stock. The thing is that the PO's material documents have been archived. This causes we

Vendor Return delivery Cancellation

Dear Guruu2019s, I have one problem regarding return delivery (122) cancellation. One of our QA guy wrongly posted return delivery to vendor through QA11u2026 Now how to reverse it, Before QM module we had reversing through MBST codes.. After QM modu

Batch settings for return delivery

Hi, Can anybody give advise on batch settings for return delivery. RegardsHi, Maintain copy control for billing documents.T.code(VTFL) Target billing doc                RE   From Delivery Type LR              Copying requirements  003 1.In the Item O