Retreiving old version of a change in transformation routine

Hello Experts,
I had made a change in a transformation routine 2 months ago.
Due to some reasons, i want to revert the change i did in the routine.
When i try to get the last version of the generated program, i cannot find any old version.
Is it possible to get an old version of such a generated program?


If you don't transported to target clients.. you can compare and make the adjustments in dev
SE03 - Search for Objects in Requests/Tasks - enter TRFN  - Transformation ID - select Modifiable plus released and execute .. you will see the request numbers .. expand them and try to identify the req which was transported/modified 2months ago .. and copy object type ROUT and GOTO SE16 - enter Rouitne ID  in RSAABAP and exe...
This way you can find