Res/Pur Req Indicator Field Name AUDISP

Hello Gurus,
We are developimg Work flow for reservation/PR craeted for materila under a Service/Network. Please let me know the table where  I could get Res/Pur Req Indicator ( 1 Never, 2 from release, 3 Immediately).


Please search in google for basic questions, you will get the answer.

XML mapping inheritance problem; missing class indicator field

Hi! I am currently working on a project which involves mapping a large domain model on a XSD schema. For this we use Toplink which is mostly great. But now I have a problem while wanting to use class inheritance. In my XSD I have the followi


Hi everybody In BBPIV03, in the search help of the currency I get the next message Field name invalid GS_SCREEN_MAINDATA-CURRENCY . I have only seen SAP NOTE 438430, but this note don't apply to my system. SRM SERVER 550 SAPKIBKT06 does anybody know

After renaming the field name in content server,I am get the Exception

Hai All After renaming the field name in Content Server I got one Error Like *<ERROR> <oracle.ucm.idocs> <UCM-CS-000001> <General Exception>* !csRequiredFieldMissing2 dRevLabel in UCM. Thanks, Hari Edite

Is there any way to read the field name,through the property binded to it.

Hi I want to know that,is there any method exits with which i can find the field names of the screen,if i have the property attribute with me. as my req is to make the validation for the property attr,& check  how many fields are binded with the sing

How to get value of a Field if field name given in a String ?

Hello, I've a String variable which contains a value such as X.Y.Z. The last one (Z) is a primitive type, others (X and Y) are my own classes. class C1 C2 X; class C2 C3 Y; class C3 int Z; C1 var = new C1(); When I encounter X.Y.Z in the String, I wa

I wish to modify the name of one of the field name in the sales order.

HELLO GURRRUS,              i wish to modify teh name of one of the field name in the sales ordder. what is the procdure,path and steps involved in would be of great help of me if u take some  time and suggest me. bye take care hav a happy an

Field Name Changes

Can you check to see if a Field Name has been changed and what it was originally titled?Hi, Please see below thread.Most probably, you will get your answer. Change Description of a Field field and colum descriptions Regards,Read other 4 answers

Field names for the following information in Production planning (PP)

Hi Experts   I am BI consultant, and  I need the field name for 'actual production quantity' in the PP module, and also what is the difference between - Actual production Quantity, Actual Component Quantity (0WITHDRWQTY),  and Actual Quantity (0CONFI

What Oracle Table contains Partition Key Field Name?

What Oracle table/view maintains the partition key field name? All_Tab_Partitions does not appear to maintain such information. When I use Toad -> Schema -> Tables -> Partitions, it lists the partition key field name that the partition is based.

To find the table name using field name

Hi, Do we have any transaction code using field name to find out the table name Regards, P.Arunkumar.Hi Arun, The best way to find out table from field is, Use SE15 Transaction->dictionary fields ->table fields->goto table field columns Enter ur

Pur Reqs from APO to R3

Hi, while transferring purchase requistions online(immediately) from APO to R3, we want to have only some products are transferred immediately and others with periodic transfer.. we tried with the integration model(by having only the products that sh

Read data element given field name

Hello All,    I have a DB table and field name, with this information how can i find the data element for this perticular field.   is tehre any Funtion Modules exists for teh same. Thanks in advance Amarender Reddy BHi Amar, You can get the data elem

Pur req not generated for MRP element Planned order in stock reqmnts list

Hi SAP Gurus, I have a problem where in MD04, pur req is not generated for the MRP element Planned order for a future date (about two months from now). Is there a specific reason? why is it not being generated? The MRP type is PD. The procurement typ


Hai, can u answer this.HI ravi, pass all the column names in an internal table and pass the internal table in the field names parameter of the FIELDNAMES of tables parameters.. IMPORTING   FILELENGTH                      =   TABLES     DATA_TAB      

"dot-bug" in interactive field-names

hi, i think after the update to ID7.0.2 i got a bug with "dots" "." in field-names. Before i used these dots to manage my fields into folders, like this: a.bbb.01 so you get a main-folder "a" with one subfolder "bbb"


Hi all, I'm confused about the fieldnames parameter of the above mentioned function call. I want to create a tabel of field names to pass in. Say...MATERIAL...PLANT...TEXT. i figured I could just do the following:   TYPES: BEGIN OF t_fieldNames,    

Field name

Hi, Can anyone tell the field name for vendor code and inwhich table it is present? Regards, HemaLFA1-LIFNR   Account Number of Vendor or Creditor Hope this is your requirement. Regards, PavanRead other 5 answers

Can you change the field names in the address book?

Can you change the Pager field name to read 2nd cell?No. This add-on allows you to modify the labels of the 4 custom fields of the contact cardRead other 2 answers

How to display the field name in the tabulated view for a content query web part

I have added a content query web part changed the web part file to include custom columns imported and reffered itemstyle.xsl to include the tabulated view for the content query. However the way it is displayed is such that only the content is displa