Requisition Import Features

We have an external system for creating requisitions which is accessed by the requestor. All approved requiistions are uploaded to the Oracle Financial's interface table. The Requisition Import uploads the records from interface table to the appropriate tables. Is there a feature in Oracle Financials that will prevent the buyer to cancel the requisition until the requestor agrees to cancel it?


Check the po_requisition_interface table and po_interface_errors table.
That will give detailed error message.
You can also run Req. interface errors report.
Common causes are item is not purchasable, item does not have list price.
Hope this helps
Sandeep Gandhi

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HI I need a help. Requisition import has grouped all the requisition lines (having sourcing supplier and inventory)in one requisition for whcih the type lookup code is 'Purchase'. the source of requisition was MRP. How the system can group the items

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Hi, EBS - 115.10 When dropship order is booked, data is populated into po_requisitions table...After running the import error message says 'Invalid Deliver To Location'. Which is basically populated from LOCATION_ID of SHIP_TO Site. DESTINATION_ORGAN

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Min-Max is creating multiple requisitions

Min-Max is creating multiple requisitionsMin-max does create one requisition for each item that needs to be procured. However, you can override this seeded functionality by writing a custom code that updates group_code field in the po_requisitions_in

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