Req. Plan Number (MD61)

Hi, We have changed the planning stragegy (Consume planning without assembly to Consume Planning WITH assmebly).
Every thing is working per our requiement. However, all materials created before the configuration changes takes place are still pointing to the "OLD" config. I was able to delete the forecast and create new forecast using the Req. Planning number, this marked the line in table PBIM as deleted and created a new line in PBIM which pointed to the new config.
We receive the forecast from APO. I have deleted the forecast in R/3 and when APO sent the new forecast, it just activated the old config. but did not "replan".
I am not familiar with APO, and our APO team is releatively new to this. Is there a way APO can replan instead of just sending forecast?. What should I tell the APO team to look into.
Or Is there a way in R/3 to replan and move existing old forecast to point to new configuration?.
Thank you in advance for your helpl.


   Either change the Planning horizon dates manually in the initial screen on MD61 or use T-code OMPD - Assign default values & presettings in PIR and change the value in the Planning horizon field.
Now the dates wil lie within the factory calendor.
  Try this..
-Thaila Shree