Report for Commission agent

When a customer is sold through a commissioning agent , that commissioning agent has been created as a vendor and assigned to customer master  as a partner function (configured partner function), which can inturn be changed at the sales order level.
In pricinf procedure , we have created a condition type for commission  and incorporated in pricing procedure.
So, now is there any possibility to see the report commission agent wise sales order wise commission report.i.e., Commission agent report.
We want to know what is the commission we have paid sales order wise, customer wise, and who's the commission agent.
Please advise


Dear DV
All condition types are stored in table KONV.  So first go to SE16, input table KONV, and the condition type for commission and execute.  You will get a list of documents which were executed with the commission condition type.  In the screen, you can see a tab [Doc condition]  below which there will be some references.  Copy those references.
Now again go to SE16, input table VBRK.  Below that there is also a field Doc.condition.  Paste the above references here and execute. 
You will now get list of billing documents that were generated with commission condition type.
G. Lakshmipathi