Replenishment Lead Time

I am going through TSCM60 and am facing a problem understanding the concept of Replenishment Lead time. I will explain what problem I am facing grasping the concept.
As can be seen, Replenishment lead time according to the manual:
Only the inward and outward movements that take place within the replenishment lead time are included in this check.
Now this seems in contradiction to checking the box: Include Sales requirements because this considers the requirement from the already made sales orders. On the other hand the RLT only the time till the product (from inhouse production or external procurement) becomes available.
For example,
For an already confirmed Sales Order requires a Material Availability Date of 7 October for a delivery on 10 October. Now, an order comes along later that requires a delivery on 8th October and hence a MAD of 5th October. The problem is that if using the RLT, the required MAD is to be provided to the system for the latter Sales Order (5th Oct. MAD), the full amount of the material is not available on 7th October for the former Sales Order.
So what is the system going to do if both RLT and Include Sales requirements are being employed?
The graph in the manual makes it look as if the system is going to commit the full amount for the 5th October MAD and snub the customer requiring the delivery on 10th by sending him/her the remaining material i.e. a partial delivery on requested date of delivery.
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Thank you for the appreciaton.
Yes. Your understanding is correct - that it is generally advisable to not activate it but it can be activated for in-house production and materials that are easily available.
For your question regarding points:
For it's use in real life - You just appreciated me & that is the genuine example of use of points in real life. It is more about feeling of satisfaction - to give back something to the forum from which I have got so much. I remember of so many instances in past when client was bombbarding me with issues & I did not had ready solutions. SDN Forums & it's memers have always helped me during those times.
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