Replacement of Function module in ECC 6.0

Hello All,
The Function module 'NAMETAB_GET' is shown to be obsolete in ECC 6.0 .
Please suggest which of the function modules among 'DDIF_FIELDINFO_GET'  and 'DDIF_NAMETAB_GET' can be used as a replacement for the same.
Also ,it would be helpful if the use of these function modules is mentioned.
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use          'DDIF_NAMETAB_GET'
This function module reads the runtime information (nametab) of a table or in general of any type of the ABAP Dictionary. However, the runtime information does not contain any text. You should use the function module DDIF_FIELDINFO_GET to read the runtime information including text (or to determine the domain for table fields).
The types of the ABAP Dictionary are divided into data elements, structured types and table types.
A structured type consists of a sequence of components that are each identified by a unique name. A type is defined for each of these components. In addition to the types of the ABAP Dictionary, you can also use the built-in types of the R/3 System (CHAR, NUMC,...) to define the types of the components.
All its components as well as the fields of its structured components are called the fields of a structured type. The name of a field no longer uniquely identifies it within a structured type. For example, a structured type S could have a structured component F, which itself has a component called F. In this case S would have two fields with the name F. For this reason, its long field name is used to identify a field within a structured type. The long field name is the same as the name of the components for the components of the structured type itself. For the fields of a structured component, the long field name is a concatenation of the name of this structured component, the separator '-' and the long field name of the field in the structured component.
A field whose type is defined by a data element or a built-in type is also called an elementary type. A structured type whose components are all defined as elementary types is called flat. All other structured types are called deep.
This module gets the runtime information for the type whose name is defined in the IMPORT parameter TABNAME. If there is no such type, the exception NOT_FOUND is triggered.
Caution: If the IMPORT parameter ALL_TYPES is not set, only flat structured types are taken into consideration. In this case the exception is also triggered if the specified type is a data element, deep structure or a table type.
If the IMPORT parameter LFIELDNAME is not initial, only structured types having a field with the long name defined by LFIELDNAME are taken into consideration. The exception NOT_FOUND is triggered for all other types.
The internal representation of the runtime object is returned in parameters X030L_WA and X031L_TAB. Depending on the type category, this information is then edited in the corresponding parameters (see documentation about the parameters).
1. If parameter LFIELDNAME is not initial, X031L_TAB nevertheless contains the description of all fields of the structured type. The decoded form is only determined for the specified field, and the result is copied to DFIES_WA instead of DFIES_TAB. Since decoding for all the fields often takes up most of the runtime for this module, you should set parameter LFIELDNAME if you only need information about one field of the structured type.
This module gets the runtime information about a type. This means that only the currently active version of the type is taken into consideration. If none exists, the exception NOT_FOUND is triggered.
The corresponding function module DDIF_<object type>_GET is used to read the actual definition of a type of the ABAP Dictionary.
Caution: These read modules are much less efficient than the modules for defining the runtime information. You should therefore only use them if the runtime information is not sufficient.
2. The documentation for IMPORT parameter GROUP_NAMES describes how to handle named includes.

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