Replacement for function modules

can anyone let me know the replacement for these function modules


It says the name of the replacement right there in the Attributes of the above FMs: POPUP_TO_CONFIRM.
Hope this helps.

RFC Lookup error :No RFC authorization for function module

Hi All, I have created RFC in the PI system and enabled it as remote. I am working on PI7.1 I have imported RFC into Repository.But when i am trying to execute RFC lookup function in the graphical mapping I am getting No RFC authorization for functio

Formal error: Invalid calling sequence for function modules

Hi All, I have developed a function module for FQEVENT 620 Payment: Transfer Line Items for Clearing. The clearing works fine. After clearing the open items i need to post an FI-CA Document(BAPI : BAPI_CTRACDOCUMENT_CREATE) for each open item(cleared

Will Infoset Query work for Function Module

HI Can someone let me know will a Infoset wuery works for Function module or not. I have 3 tables which i need to extract on, i am building a Infoset Query on 2 tables and using this in my Function Module to join on 3rd table. I have some conditions

Tranceport request for function module

Hi, first i have created function group and function module under local class, now i created request for function group, but how to create request for function module, i have to trancport my functionmodule. please do the need full help. thanks in adv

Screen number for Function module

Hi, Where can I find the screen number for Function module /1BCDWB/SF00000012 Thanks.oscar miak wrote: Function module /1BCDWB/SF00000012 I think fm get generated for Smartforms. so you need to look thru transaction SMARTFORMS a®Read other 6 answers

Replacement of Function module in ECC 6.0

Hello All, The Function module 'NAMETAB_GET' is shown to be obsolete in ECC 6.0 . Please suggest which of the function modules among 'DDIF_FIELDINFO_GET'  and 'DDIF_NAMETAB_GET' can be used as a replacement for the same. Also ,it would be helpful if

Definition/Explanation for "obsolete" (for function modules) / unicode?

Hi, I did not find any definition from SAP regarding obsolete function modules, what does SAP mean with obsolete in this context? Is this only relevant for customers which are also switching to unicode enabled systems? Do I have to replace this fm's

Extractor development for Function Module

This is new project and we are working on Generic Extractor development with Function Modules. I am having a Function Module developed by the ABAP person, now I need to develop Extractor for this Function Module. Could anybody please give the steps f

Replacement of Function Module RH_AHQ_INT_BUILD_WHERE_CLAUSE

In 4.5B ver I am using Function module <b>RH_AHQ_INT_BUILD_WHERE_CLAUSE</b> for generating dynamic where clause for select statement. But In 4.7 ver this Function does not exit please let me know any other FM is there which will satisfies my r

Best practice for function module development

When designing a function module, what is the best practice. Should we develop it so that most of the extraction is done within the function module, or should we develop it such that prior to calling the function module the extraction should be done

Regarding for function module

Hi,        i need to display one pop up . from this pop up i need to select one value. any one help me on this one.       which function module  i have to use?(Note : i need to pass internal table to the pop up after that i have to select one  value 

Class Equivalent for function modules

Hi all, Is there any pre-defined classes or methods in SAP for the below function modules : 1) C144_MATERIAL_PLANT_CHECK  2) MD_CONVERT_MATERIAL_UNIT  3) CS_BOM_EXPLOSION 4) CS_WHERE_USED_MAT 5) CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_OUTPUT 6) CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_I

Need an example program for function module

Hi , I am new to ABAP. Can you please give a simple example program to extract the data from a table using Function module. Thanks for your help in advace. Regards, Vishnuhi vishnu, See the following Sample Program; REPORT demo_mod_tech_fb_read_spfli

Default values in tables for function module

Hi, We've created a function module and it is their requirement to have a default value for the tables in the FM? How do we do this? Cause if it is just an import parameter there is a column for default values, but for tables there is none. How do we

Need a sample coding for  function module MRM_DBTAG_RSEG_READ

hi, I am working on reports. I was asked to use the function module MRM_DBTAG_RSEG_READ for retrieving the line item information. I tried using the fucntion module, the problem i am facing in the declaration of the internal table I_TE_RSEG for the pa

Include for function module

Dear Gurus, Could you explain me why is an include generated for a function module? After I write a function module, to use this function module, how should I use the generated include? Regards SuzieHi, The FM code is stored in the INCLUDES. go to SE

Test sequence for function module

i want to perform a test sequence in which, what is the out put of the first funtion module i want to pass them to the second function module . i want to know that whether i can do that or not if yes how?. thanks in advance.Hi u can do that by doing

No RFC authorization for function module  RSA1_OLTPSOURCE_GET_ALL.

When I try to replicate datasource on BW I get this error. I replicate others but suddenly, there was a problem with the RFC user, and tehn I wans't unable to extract data and replicate DS. The RFC user was blocked because password failed too many ti

Replacement of  obseleute function modules

Hi,     We are upgrading our system from ECC 4.6 to ECC 6.0. For that we are Replacing the below obseleute function module shown in below. TZ_USER_SYSTEMCLOCK TZ_LOCATION_TIMEZONE        ADDRESS_GET_DATA      HELPSCREEN_CREATE      HELP_DOCU_SHOW_FOR