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Is here sombody who knows how te remove all the same rows out of the table, it will help a lot.
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kennyb94 wrote:
The vi that I'm making is for reading can signals of the car, in the table are all the data messages sorted, but they keep running and there are only 4 different rows in the table, so I want to see only those four rows.
And there are other data that have way more than four combinations, so I thought to compare the data with the previous data and when it's different, save it into a array. And then compare the results so far in the array with new data, and when there are no differences anymore write it into the table...
Whatever you are writing is pure gibberish and is very difficult to understand. Let me try anyway.
OK, let's look at your table. Apparently, you have four different possible values in column 1 (D1, first column is 0), so that's what you need to identify. Whenever new data arrives, you can just check if that value already exists and then skip adding the new row it to the table. Of course it could also be that some of the other fields are changing too, in this case you could replace the old entry containing the same key in column 1 with the new data.
Should the program stop once you have all unique rows? Do you know the possible D1 values before the program starts?
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