Remote function module to wait untill the response came from webmethods

hi all.
here i have got a situation that the remote function module created in SAP-R/3 to wait untill the response came from webmethods :
i have created the remote function module by assigning one structure in tables(tab) and 3 parameters in changing tab just to collect the messages return from webmethods
so this rfc will be called by webmethods and pick the structure data and then it wll return 3 variables back to rfc.
here the rfc need to wait untill the response came from webmethods.
so can any body suggest me on what source code do i need to write in RFC


Hi Naina,
Normally RFC are synchronous, they do have return parameter as export parameter.
If return parameter is missing then , you can create Wrapper RFC.
Wrapper RFC:
It is nothing but you justĀ  create BAPI in SE37 transaction with Return parameter as export parameter and make it remote enabled by clicking on Radio button.
Under source code, CALL BAPI which XI has to call.
Thats it!
I hope this helps.
Let me know if any help required.