Regarding background color change in iview

Hi sdns,
I have created PAR File in NWDS and uploaded in portal .My requirment is i want to change the back ground color of iview (normally it is SAP color).If i want to change can i use HTMLB in it and change the color .Please tell me the process if so how to do.There is any tag in HTMLB to change background color of the iview in portal.
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link to Theme CSS file in your custom application.
<LINK REL=stylesheet HREF="/irj/portalapps/ Theme Name/ur/ur_bdy_prtl_ie6.css>
by using this you can use the portal theme specific color.
the color u want just view Source from the portal and check for the style sheet used there.
If u dont want to do all this just directly give the color code in HTML file.
reward for helpful answers.