Redo initial download

Hi all,
I did intial download of Materials successfully but forgot to put the set types in place. Now we have completed the config for set types in CRM & I am planning to redo initial download of Materials so that the fields in the set type are re-populated.
Am I following the right step of redoing initial download for above scenario?
Is there any issue or point to be considered before redoing initial download?


If you want to get the values into those set types from your OLTP system, then you have few choices
1. If you dont need this data for all materials right away, then whenever the material is changed in R/3, it will trigger down this data in CRM.
However, if you need the data for these set types right away
2. As you indicated do the initial load for product master again
3. You can write a program in CRM to call RFC in R/3 to get the required data for these set types. You can then call FM 'COM_PROD_MATERIAL_MAINTAIN' to update set type data for materials in CRM.
I suggest do the initial load. Its easy and does not involve development.
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