Redetermine pricing while changing order header usage indicator field.

Hi all experts,
we have requirement that user will enter Usage indicator field at header of sales order.
We need to copy that to all line item and on bases of this we have to determin price.
so in which user exit i shoul copy header value to line item so it will redetermine pricing for that line item.
I tried to put in move field to vbap - but if user enter line item 1st and then enter usage indicator then its not triggiring move field to vbap.
Also in pricing prepare tkomp i can see the value of usage indicator and it goes over this user exit but how could i redetermine the price by using this user exit.
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Understanding the requirement, I have a few queries.
1. What will be new in the pricing procedure? Is it price condition, Discounts, taxes,etc.?
If my understanding is correct, then I suggest you to have 2 pricing condition in a pricing procedure (This is not a standard practice, but workaround). Let the default price condition (say PR00) be prior to the one which has to be replaced (say ZP00 - copy of PR00). Keep the Second Price (ZP00) as manual entry.
You can get a routine written from Abaper that when the second pricing is picked, the methodlogy you the the pricing procedure to work & maintain the same for alternative calcutaion type in pricing procedure.
You requirement is not an easy one & you have to work on such workaround  & development of routine for alternative calculation type.
Rajesh Banka
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