Recover apps on symbian 60 v5 after master reset?

I have a Nokia nuron 5230. After a master reset can you recover the apps you had installed before? The memory card still shows the same free space, so the apps are still there somewhere, I jsut can't find them through the file organizer yet


I don't think I backed them up, unelss the phone does that automatically?
I had a bunch of stuff, like opera mobile. I know I can get them back from ovi store, but I wanted to see if there was a way to restore it without having to reinstall and set them up all over again.
There is also the issue of memory. When I did a master reset, the memory card contents did not seem to change. So that means I have a lot of unusable files on there? If I reinstall the apps will the go to the same folder and replace the old files? I want to be efficient with my memory usage.
I just installed x-plore and found some hidden folders in (E:\resource\apps and e:\system\apps). Including the opera mobile folder. But I didn't find some games. Where would java games be held? Also, these folders only have like 5 mb of memory, I'm looking for like 100+ mbs of stuff. I usualyl install apps through nokia pc suite. Does it download the .sis files to a temporary file somewhere and then install the apps?