Quicktime mov files aren't playing on Client's computer

My computer opens & can read the Quicktime movie files that are created through Final Cut Pro from P2 cards. My client's computer cannot. Is that because she doesn't have Quicktime Pro?..or something else?


Drat. I was afraid of that. I have footage from 3 events that I'd like them to be able to view for future editing projects. Converting every clip isn't realistic, nor do I want to spend the time burning them DVDs..although I may have to. Is there any other way to create a readable file for them via the Log & Transfer process?

Songs show up as "QuickTime movie file" and won't share or sync

I have a few mp3 audio files in iTunes that aren't being transferred to my iPod (3G) and aren't showing up when I share my iTunes library to another computer, and I can't figure out why. The filenames have ".mp3" extensions. When I do a 'Get Inf

Snow Leopard iTunes 10.5 will not play multiple video tracks in QuickTime .MOV files

I recently discovered that Snow Leopard iTunes version 10.5 won't play multiple video tracks in a QuickTime .MOV file. Both video tracks appear and play correctly when playing the file in: - QuickTime Player 10 or QuickTime Player 7.7 on the same Sno

No video when playing QuickTime MOV file in iTunes

I received a QuickTime MOV file from a business associate who transferred it from his Canon Vixia HF10 camcorder to his Mac. When I load up the file in iTunes on my Win XP machine, it will play back the audio, but there is no video. When I try to pla

DVD either plays wrong movie file, stops while playing, or won't play

Hi, everyone. I'm pretty new to Macs, having got a MacBook a couple of months ago. I just made my first dvd using iDVD, and it played perfectly in preview, but it has all kinds of playback problems. In addition to my main feature, which I made in iMo

Convert Quicktime (.mov) file to a Flash movie?

I have Flash CS3 that came with Adobe Creative Suite. I Never used it but can it convert a Quicktime (.mov) file to a Flash movie so I can play it on the web? If so where do I start? I also want the viewer to be able to stop and start the Flash movie

Quicktime .MOV files want to be opened by Spotify

Quicktime .MOV files want to be opened by Spotify I right click open with, then select Quicktime, and click always use this or set default or whatever, but that dosent work. The video cannot play in Spotify.Try right-clicking it, hit Get Info, under

Quicktime Movie File/ MPEG-4 Video File

how come for some of my video podcasts they are in teh MPEG-4 Video file format, while others are in Quicktime Movie File format? i was j/w this because i noticed it when i jus recently downloaded new podcasts (it was first time downloading a podcast

What type of file is "Quicktime movie file"?

Hello, I was looking at my collection and I see some movies/videos with the extention "Quicktime movie file" what type of file is this? My guess is that it is H.624 but please confirm that. Thanks Jason"The QuickTime file format has been us

Quicktime, Movie File Types & CandyBar

I have just three questions: 1) With the new upgrade to OS X Mavericks, it seems as though Quicktime is extra picky about converting certain file types when I open them, particulary avi's......which used to open with no problem in earlier versions of

MPEG-2 DVD or Quicktime Movie File ?? HELP!

I am finished with a ten minute video that needs to be burned to DVD with the upmost quality. I captured and edited the project in 1080i HD. Should I export as MPEG-2 DVD and then to Encore? Or should I export as a Quicktime Movie File at maximum dep

Quick time movies (.mov) files will not play in Iphoto 11.

Quick time movies (.mov) files will not play in Iphoto 11. The thumbnail of the movie shows but when selected only a exclamation mark appears.  I rebuilt the library, thumbnails, permissions etc. I also found the movie files in the iphoto database in

Firefox won't load .mov files online but plays them locally: QT problem?

My website has several pages with embedded .mov files, which used to play perfectly well, but now only give a question mark after the progress bar fills up. For example, one of these pages is http://www.paulozelinsky.com/shivers-animation2a.html Fire

Somoe of my Quicktime movies are, suddenly, not playing

All of a sudden, some of my Quicktime movies won't play. I get an "upable to covert to quicktime" message window that pops up.  Someone mentioned this might have something to do w/the new Maverick system?tvhostrita wrote: All of a sudden, some o

Echos in QuickTime audio file when I play a page in Keynote.

I have a project that was created in Excel, placed into a PC Powerpoint program, and then sent to me, whereupon I placed it into my new Keynote program. I had earlier trouble getting the screen to stay open until the video was finished, so I decided

How to import .mov files that wont play in QT (but play with vlc player)

I have a batch of .mov files of which QT only plays the audio (video is blank) - same thing when I try to open in Final Cut Express HD. I am able to open these with VLC player. How do I convert these files so that I can edit them in FCE? I am suspect

Casio Exilim movie files won't play with Leopard

I was wondering if anyone has a solution for this problem. I have some movie files from Casio Exilim camera that played in Tiger. Now that i have installed Leopard they dont play anymore. I installed Perian as somebody suggested on this forum. It did

Converting a swf to quicktime mov file

I created a swf file useing Flash and need to convert this to a mov file. I watched a training video and under Publish Settings > Format their should be a Quicktime mov option. I do not have this option on my CS5 Flash version. Also, if I try to expo

How do I get my MacBook Pro to recognise a movie file.  It plays on my PC and on the Windows programme installed on the Mac but I want to make a iDVD using this movie - it is a movie of my daughter's wedding. Ihave been able to make one using Windows Medi

Hi, I would like to know what suffix I need to put on my movie file so that I can use it in iMovie or iDVD.  The movie file has .avi on it and can be read on Windows Media Player but I cannot get it into a file on the MacBook Pro such as iPhoto or iM

How can I format a movie file so it plays on FF3.6? my mp4 files are blocked due to a quicktime issue.

Creating a landing page for a client with embedded video. She prefers not to embed a YouTube video on her site. Is there a way I can embed an mp4 file in her site so that it will play in firefox 3.6? Now it is trying to launch quicktime, which firefo