Question Mark in Safari, Quicktime , Movies don't play, Mime settings

I get a question mark in QT, using Safari, and latest updates, while trying to play movies. I notice the QT preferences will not stay when I close preferences, especially mime settings. I tried re-install, tried latest updates, throwing away preferences files in User/Library/preferences. What's wrong. You would think that QT would work, but QT only works in Opera.


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If you have no problems w/playing QT files while using Opera, then the problem could be w/Safari. You may wish to crosspost in the Safari Forums where the Safari users hang out so that they can see your issue & can possibly help you out. Sorry, I don't use that particular browser.
See if cleaning out the cache helps. That is the one thing I always here Safari users complain about.
Check QT Preferences>Advance.
Make sure "Enable Flash" is unchecked (disabled)
As for the QT MIME Settings not sticking, see if repairing permissions from your Tiger DVD helps.