Question about ejbRemove and bmp

do I need to implement all of the ejbXxx methods in a bmp, what I see is that I call findByPrimaryKey on a bmp and then remove() but if then I try to access it again it's still there. My ejbRemove is empty at the moment, but I thought that the container would anyway remove the instance of the bean it had loaded so I am a bit confused. Do I HAVE to check in the db if the row is still there and in case throw ObjectNotFoundException in my ejbFindByPrimaryKey? Is this the only way to know the bean has been removed? Doesn't the container do anything with the bean when I call remove() (either on the local or home interface)


didn't see there already was a reply

A question about iwork and microsoft office

what's the different between I download iwork on app stores and buy iwork software? and one more question about Pages in iwork is that  can Microsoft office word open the document create by Pages ? Thanks.Sandy.zuoxy wrote: what's the different betwe

Questions about photos and resizing

Hello I have a simple question about resizing photos. When I grab one of the corners of a photo it will resize everything instead of just changing it horizontally or veritcally. Anyone know of a way to fix this?? thanksIn the Metrics inspector window

Question about CUDA and SLI

So, I know that SLI makes no difference in Premiere, but my question is--does it have any detrimental effects? For instance, if I have two GTX580s SLIed on my system, will I still get the full CUDA benefit of one card in Premiere or will the SLI some

Newbie question about component and UDF usage.

This will be the 1st time I'm coding a component and UDF. I kind of understand the concept but not sure about how to write it in detail.Such as passing the parameter, etc. I'm starting to write a user login, verifying users before allowing them to en

A question about drag and drop

I have multiple images which can be dragged and dropped in a canvas. How can I get information about pictures into dataGrid, for instance the name and value (price) of an image? Currently my images are in array like this: private function init():void

Questions about Updates and "what mac can I use"!

Hi all, I'm new to the Mac world and do not yet own a Mac. As I would like to start developing for the iPhone and the SDK Readme says "iPhone SDK will run on Intel-based Macs running Mac OS X 10.5.4 or later." I'm thinking about buying a minimac

A question about objects and queries

I just started using COM objects in ColdFusion. I am mostly using CreateObject, but occasionaly use <CFOBJECT> My question is; Do I have to destroy these object variables when I am done? I know in a lot of other languages I work in, you have to &quo

Fundamental Question about Lightroom and saving images

I have to laugh as I get ready to pose this question because I've been working with the program for two weeks with Scott Kelby's book and with, and I'm still profoundly confused about what is happening to the photo. To wit: I open a camera

A question about WLAN and processor speed

Hi there! i'm looking at replacing my "old" Nokia E5-00. I'm thinking of the newer Nokia E6 or the Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 Android QWERTY phone. My stupid question is will a faster processor be of any help when it comes to opening/closing/downl

Question about java and batik

i want to make a project using batik.. if i want to animate the svg, can batik do this? i am confused about batik. does it support animation? and how do i read the mouse coordinates in an svg using batik? please help..thanks for the reply! what i mea

Questions about Micro and Zen Sl

Hello, I'm considering buying either a Micro or a Zen Sleek and have a few questions... ) Does the above players still require a dedicated/special driver on XP like the older players did (i.e. Zen NX) ? 2) Can the players be used as a driver-less mem

Question about Domain and Host name fields.

Hello! Just a quick question, I currently have the Mail Server up and running although I'm a little unsure about what exactly needs to be entered into the users email application. I've tested POP and IMAP using the information that I entered into the

Questions about decimation and zoom in graphs

I am currently developing an application in which the size of the signals I have to display in different graphs is quite large (8 Mbs of DBLs, for example). I was thinking about reducing the amount of memory used when I found a document at National I

Question about packs and kits

I just got Garageband recently and love it. My question is, are there packs and kits out there that are free to download? Or do I need to get the Jam Packs to do this.Mattgraves7 wrote: are there packs and kits out there that are free to download? 5,

Question about Button and TextBox positions

Hello everybody, I just started using Borland Together 6.1 extended with Java and I want to design a UserForm (an Application), especially a Online Bank terminal, where u can input and output different data. My problem is that when I add buttons and

Question about mysql and phpbb3. (Easy question to many people.)

If you go to (My server) You can see that I have put phpBB3 on it. When I go under the install section it doesn't detect that I have installed mysql even though I have. Is there a configuration that I need to change to get

Question about preordering and payment

If I preorder a game on your website and need to change the method of payment, is there any way to do that or would I have to cancel my order and place it again?Hello DesertLynx83- We appreciate that you chose Best Buy for your game pre-orders and I'

Questions about mpd and sonata ram usage

Hi again! I'm very impressed with mpd and i really love the sonata client with it's cover art , lyrics fetching features . I've noticed that mpd uses about 13 mb ram and sonata 16 mb of ram. I have about 6 albums in my library . I was just wondering

Question about ALSB and WLST

Hi there, I'm new in BEA's technologies world and i'm looking for a way to configure mi AquaLogic Service Bus domain's services without using the SB Console. I'm reading about the WLST (WebLogic Scripting Tool) and there's so much information that I