Question about cursors in a function and how to return the results

Hi all,
Some tech info:
I'm using Oracle 11G database and APEX
I use three cursors in a function. My function is called in an APEX standard report, like this by example:
SELECT fnc_exp(tab.arg1, tab,arg2) FROM table_exp tab;
My question is: how can I return the values calculated from my function to a standard APEX report? Before, this function was used like this by Oracle Forms to fetch the cursors in the right table columns:
open c_a;
fetch c_a into :loc.arg1;
close c_a;
open c_b;
fetch c_b into :loc.arg2, :loc.arg3, :loc.arg4, :loc.arg5;
close c_b;
Thanks for your advices!
Maybe my solution is not right, if you have better ideas, please suggest :)
PS: If you need more details, please ask which you need.


I don't think you can do exactly like that in APEX.
Go for a pipelined function if you want the value be returned from the function.