Pxi-4071 Calibration

Could you please let us know what the accuracy of the NI 4071 card will be if the Fluke 5700 calibrator is used instead of the Fluke 5720A?  For example, will the accuracy of the 7 ½  digit DMM be reduced to 5 ½ or 4 ½ digits if the Fluke 5700 is used for calibration?


Hi Dan,
Using the 5700 in place of the 5720A will not affect the digits of resolution of the DMM.  However, because the 5700 is less accurate, the DMM may not be calibrated to its specified accuracy.  This will depend on where the calibrator accuracy falls within its range, and as such, cannot be determined absolutely.  Furthermore, the calibration may fail if the calibrator returns a ppm accuracy measurement outside of the range expected for the 5720.
Hope this helps.
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