Putting pics on DVD?

Can you make a DVD of photos witn iPhoto? When I click burn of an album it says you will be making a CD. Is this a data CD? I want to make a DVD for viewing on TV. How do you use iPhoto to make one? Or must you also have iDVD which I don't seem to have with my newTiger install?


Also the restore discs are for the old 10.2 and it will erase and restore. well I don't want to erase Tiger and install 10.2 so restore discs are out. Guess that means purchase. I don't know why Apple didn't include these things on Tiger. They seem to be getting a bit greedy. For instance, I got my 400 GB hard drive for $89. The same drive from Apple would be at least $400 or more.

We put a camcorder dvd into the our mac book and it doesn't recognize it and we cant get it out.  what can we do???

we put a camcorder dvd into the our mac book and it doesn't recognize it and we cant get it out.  what can we do???Apple drives in MacBooks do not support mini DVDs. They cannot be injected or ejected properly. Some of them work in tray-loaders like

How to put Blu Ray Dvds to Kindle Fire HD

I'd like to transfer my Blu Ray Dvds to my Kindle Fire HD. However, while I have had no problems with the original disks, the files play fine on my device, but everything I converted has the same error message: "video cannot be played". What is

Cannot back up my pics to DVD??

Hi, Hope you can help. I select all my pics, click file and then burn to cd. I select my DVD drive from the drop down menu. On the top left of the window it states "free space available on disk 8 457mb"?? When I insert a DVD into my drive (4.7gb

Can u tell me how i put my own dvds into itunes so i can put them onto my iphone4 myself as i have got 100s

hi there i want to no how i put dvds into itunes so i can put them onto my iphone4 myself as i have got 1000s cheersSince you are referring to commercial DVDs, they are all encrypted to prevent copying. In the US (and other places) it violates the la

Out put quality after DVD authoring is less than .mov file that fcp source

Anyone know why I would be getting a notable drop in quality after i make a dvd? going from HF11 Cannon shot at 17 mbps into FCP. then out to compressor and using the high quality dvd setting. then when i play my dvd i notice for example jaggies on s

HT201882 Project Book put onto a DVD for my daughter's 21st.

I would like to put the Project Book I have created onto a DVD for my daughter's 21st.  How can I do this?There's a way to create a slideshow in iDVD from the book pages.  This tutorial describes how: iP05 - Creating an iDVD Slideshow From an iPhoto

Putting store bought dvd's on your ipod

Is it possible to put a store bought DVD on your ipod? If so how can you do it, I am having a hard time.In the US it is illegal to break the encryption on DVD's. If you had a Mac- Handbrake would be the answer. It rips and reencodes the DVD in one st

HT1645 Hello, does anyone know of good DVD burning software for Mac?  I've got two 8 min 25 sec mov files to put on a DVD with title and a menu for the two.  I've tried it with iDVD five times, each time waiting over an hour and then getting an error mess

I have a short film I produced and I need to burn off copies however I am having no end of trouble with finding a simple DVD burning programme. I tried a few but no luck.  I am trying with mov files and I can't see where the cog is happening.  If any

Putting slideshow on DVD for use in DVD player

I have a slideshow that I need to burn onto a DVD for use in a regular DVD home player, not in a computer. Can I do this with iPhoto? If yes, how, and if no, then can I use iMovie instead? This is urgent!Urgent? Then in iPhoto Share -> Send to iDVD.

Why doesn't itunes have an simple upload option for putting CDs and DVDs into my ipod touch library?

I have movies and CDs I don't want to have to purchase again through itunes that I would like to put on my ipod touch without a lot of complicated hassles. I don't understand why it isn't a simple point and click and it happens option on my itunes li

Put 180 min of VHS on DVD - DL disc or not?

I have a VHS tape with 180 mins of material that I want to put on a DVD+/-R. Can I use DVD+R DL discs with DVDSP without a problem? What resolution and bitrate do you suggest I should use? I think using 720x576 and 4,5 mbit is very much overkill, and

I have a home video on a DVD that i would like to put into iMovie. Any help??

is it possible to move the content of a video from DVD Video Recorder (DVD Player) over to iMovie?Hi Depends on how - DVD Video Recorder - makes this DVD Most probably a sort of .mpeg2 code as on standard DVDs. If You open the DVD on DeskTop/Finder -


Hello, I have put together a dvd of slides and music and looks and sound great on the computer when I put the dvd in. The problem is when I go to play it in my dvd player, it not only does not sound good in many areas, but also produces a delay in th

I'm trying to sync a video I ripped from a DVD and it won't load into the device

I'm ripping a few DVDs into iTunes. They vids play on I tunes but now will not load onto my tablet, it just gives a notice that says video did not sync, contact iTunes for mor info. Do I have to do another conversion before the tablet is happy? I hav

CD/DVD drive issue on Satellite A100

Hi..I can normally play any type of cd or dvd...the cd or dvd just turns in the computer and it does not open, when i restart the computer and put the cd/dvd in straight after the cd/dvd will play..if i go to play another cd/dvd at a later date, i ha

How to copy a dvd disc on mac?

I am fairly new to the Apple world - I am trying to copy a dvd of old family home movies that was put unto a dvd, but unable to copy the files such that I can open the dvd copy.  Is there mac software on my computer that copies dads??Click here and f

Is there any way to get around having to use iDVD to burn DVD?

Is there any way to get around having to use iDVD to export FCE to DVD? I've been trying to burn a FCE2 sequence to DVD. A friend of mine told me all I had to do was put a blank DVD in, click on the icon on the desk top, export the sequence to Quickt

Optical drive will no longer recognize DVDs

My optical drive is no longer recognizing DVDs. It just makes some noise and spits them back out.  It will read some CDs, and it recognized my expired AppleCare tech support disk, but not DVDs.  I have even tried several DVDs that I watched just a fe

DVD starts playing at chapter 6...

I am using iDVD 7.03, I have completed my project which includes 8 chapters. My problem is that when the play button is pushed the project starts at Chapter 6 and not the beginning. I have tried dropping the beginning scene into the "play movie"