PUlse type signal generation cannot be done. HELP. Please.

How can I generate a signal using computer in labview software but not using DAQ? 
I need a continuous pulse signal which is basically increasing and decreasing slowly w.r.t. time. i.e. it's a not pulse as it's already given in labview simulate signal option. I need the d.c. signal which may be will be merge of more than 2-3 signals.  Please Help me with the solution, if possible, or any kind of solution as soon as possible.  
The image of the pulse is attached herewith. 
The link of the pulse is : file:///C:/Users/Priyabrata%20Saha/Desktop/internship/pulse.JPG


Respected Sir altenbach ,
I need to send the signal to Agilent 6642A dc power supply(0-20V, 0-10A) having gain of 4, for ampilfication and it will be used for my experiment. I am facing problem here. 
I am using GPIB USB HS for sending the signal and when I am sending commands *IDN , it is successfully reading and writing, which means I have all my softwares and drivers installed perfectly. I have NI MAX and command expert installed in my pc. 
I have made a program (which is attached) in labview and the GPIB seems to read it ( ACTIVE/Green signal is showing when it is run) . 
But I cannot see it in oscilloscope (Tektronix TDS 2024B) which means something is wrong here. I need the see the signal as shown in the image attached. 
I want to see the signal in the oscilloscope as well. 
Can anyone tell me what is wrong in the program attached? The voltage seems to go upto 1v but suddenly drops at 0.37v and remains constant no matter what I do. 
I want to control the DC thorough labview.