PSE 7 Won't open photo  in Quick Editor from the Organizer using Vista

I just installed the PSE 7 on Vista and am unable to open a photo in the quick editor from the organizer. It doesn't matter if its a raw file or jpg file. My ram memory is 3.0 gb and I have a duo core processor with 2.0 gb each. I've downloaded the plug in for the camera raw plug-in 5.2 and also deleted the organizer's preferences. Any other suggestions what it could be?


>difficulty opening.
I do not quite understand what you mean by "diffuculty" so suggest that you be more specific about what happens.
Then also tell us if you have the same results when you select just one jpeg and attempt to go from the Organizer to Full Edit.
Next try editing that same jpeg file by going directly from the Welcome screen to Edit and then use the Editor workspace File menu to open that jpeg file. Post your results.