PSD File formats

I get a "Unsupported File Format" message when trying to read a .psd file with Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0. I have installed the latest update to the PSA SE 3 program. Is the .psd format supported by PSA SE 3?


> Is the .psd format supported by PSA SE 3?
No. This is only supported by the paid-for versions. PSA SE is really only intended for people starting out with digital photography and, hence, just supports camera formats [JPEG].

Psd file format specification how get the pixel values

Hello I'm trying to convert psd to xml and get all information from layers I already got all necessary  info  but for example  the radius  in rounded rectangle is in math double format but I need to have it in pixels. I'm using Adope photoshop file f

How do i make psd files transparent?

How do i make psd images transparent when I drag and drop the layer onto the stage on flash cs6? For  example the way iv been doing it up until now was saving as a psd then  going to file import to library on flash. This is very very time  consuming

Changing images' formats in .PSD files.

How can I change these without copying single images to new files, changing there and copying back? e.g. I've pasted some large tiffs into one .psd and want to convert them to jpgs, keeping the rest of my .psd as it is.Most image formats are disc-bas

Renamed PSD files in AE

This seems to be a common problem and I haven't been able to find an answer.   Many times, I am using PSD files given to me from our artist.   I'm using the layers of the PSD file in my AE comps.   During the course of the project, the PSD file needs

Is it possible when saving the psd file to have an automatic jpg file saved at the same time?

My work involves preparing images for printing lightboxes and window installations.  My clients require to pre-approve the photos before printing. I usually save my files as psd but since the files are very large in this format I usually save another

Is there a way to prevent LR from reducing size (pixels) of files transfered to Photoshop as a psd file for editing?

The subject line says it all.  I have discovered that LR reduces the size of files transferred to Photoshop for further editing when compared to the same RAW file processed in ACR in Photoshop.  For example, a psd file created by LR from a 36 MB RAW

How do I save PSD files created in windows so MAC users can open and work

I have been designing photoshop files for sale to photographers online and all of my work has been created in a windows 7 system. I had a photographer contact me saying that the PSD was trouble to open and that the fonts would not work on his MAC com

Cannot open psd file in Illustrator

One of my users is getting one of two errors when she tries to open a psd in Illustratror CS5.  One error say "Cannot open the illustration",  the other error says "The file filename.psd is in an uknown format and cannot be opened."  F

Help! My .psd files do not have photoshop icons, but generic icons from windows.

Now that I've installed my new windows CS6, all my .psd files have the 'generic icons' windows give to files they don't recognize.  Everything else has normal icons (i.e. Illustrator files) but the Photoshop files are blank.  This is true whether I'm

Word 2003 will not import a .PSD file

Using PSE5 To my surprise, Office/Word 2003 will not import a .PSD file created by PSE5. I am talking about a simple, Insert, Picture, From File... into an existing document. Is there a way to make .PSD files compatible with Word? If not, what is the

Photoshop cs6  .psd file extension

Hello,  if you create an image and it has a .psd file extension.  Do you have to download software to view the .psd file extension.  Or can if easily be converted to a .jpeg.  On my mac I can see the image.  At work a windows machine it's asking me t

File format passed to external editor

I could do with some help understanding how LR4 passes files to an external editor. My files in LR are RAW, and I am using both Photomatix and the Nik SW bundle. In the "External Editing Preferences" dialogue I have set the file format to TIFF.

PSD File specs

Hi, I contacted the partneship program to recieve the psd file specs. They sent me an e-mail with the link: but I couldn't find anything in fact the link redirected me back to the no

.psd file size does not make any sense to me

I am hoping someone can explain the huge .psd file sizes I am seeing. I have a Canon 7D and shoot raw.  I have a raw file that is 24.6 Mbytes and is a 3456 x 5184 pixel image. I then open with ACR and do nothing but save it as a 16-bit .psd file with

CS5 - trying to load a new style .asl file - keep getting "error, because no parser or file format can open the file."  what gives?

trying to load a new style for a project.  CS5 PSD.  the .asl file when dragged into the doc, gives the the following "error, because no parser or file format can open the file."  what gives?.asl files are layer styles You can go to Window>St

Search for file formats

Is it possible to search my iPhoto library by file format (JPEG, psd, tiff,etc)?Yes.  A couple of ways.  1 - create a smart album with the criteria Name ends with:  ".jpg" or ".tiff", etc. 2 - do a search using the search tool at the l

Changing smart object file format

I've got a great problem with the smart objects in my project: I imported some Images (no background) which had the file format 'png'. I just dragged and dropped the files into my current photoshop window. They got imported and then automtically conv

Cannot view .psd files in Preview since upgrading to Leopard

Last week I upgraded my iBook G4 to Leopard 10.5.6. I've noticed that since the upgrade, I can no longer view any .psd files in Preview. I could do this with Tiger, but in Leopard all I get is a question mark symbol instead of an image. I deleted the

Splitting high resolution in tiles, and saving them out as new cropped and layered psd file.

Hey there, my first post here. I currently working with designing photos/images ceramic tiles. My goal is to minimize the time it takes to split an image in equal tiles, and then having all layers put in a new layered psd-file and layers named after