Programmatically save O365 Outlook attachments to either OneDrive or a local file system

.csv files are emailed as attachments every 15 minutes to an Outlook email account in Office 365.  I would like to save each of these .csv files to a folder on either One Drive or to a folder on a local file system.  How can this be accomplished
through PowerShell?


> Why would you think that it can't be done?
I didn't say so. A different technology should be used in case of OWA (EWS) which is a subject for another forum.
You keep posting about OWA.  OWA is not a factor here.  EWS is NOT OWA.  EWS works with Exchange 2007 and later.  O365 is Exchange 2013.  OWA is a SharePoint application that runs on SharePoint and makes Exchange visible in a Web
Browser.  EWS does not require OWA or SharePoint.
I know all of this is very confusing but once sorted it is quite obvious what each pieces is and how they are related.  O365 is just Exchange/AD/IIS on the Azure platform (or a customized version of it)  with some added bells and whistles.
We have had the same access over time with MSN and Hotmail.  Now all are on full Exchange.  I have systems that have Office installed from MSN as a subscription.  All have VBA and all work either on  the desktop or on the web.  We
can switch between web and desktop seamlessly.  O465 also has added live collaboration so we can co-edit Word and Excel documents.  Amazingly VBA and Net continue to work across all products.  Of course the new effort is always from and towards
Net.  All new tools are being built in PowerShell.
So it is time to get out of the old 20th century sneaker-net version of Windows and get you head in the clouds. ...
I know. Your mother said "Eugene! Get you head out of the clouds."  but in this century mothers everywhere are saying "Eugene! Get your head into The Cloud if you want to be a success."
The Cloud is mostly just a way of thinking.  Same hardware and same software.  It just sits on a bigger network.