Problem with imovie download from icloud drive

I recently logged into from my windows 7 pc and selected the icloud drive icon. From there, I went into the imovies folder and then uploaded a short mp4 video (44mb) that I had saved on my hard drive.  It was a video taken from an iphone a long time ago. It uploaded successfully and the video file is now sitting in my iMovie folder on  Good so far.
Now, I went to my ios 8 iphone 5 (icloud drive enabled) and opened my iMovie app.  Within the app, I tap on "projects" and then tap the download icon because I would like to get the video I just uploaded to drive, onto my phone. This now shows me my iMovie folder from icloud drive.  I tap on this folder, and it shows me the video I just uploaded, along with other iMovie projects that are already on my phone.  The problem is, it doesn't let me tap on ANY of the videos to download them.  It almost seems as if they are greyed out. Even the ones that are already on my phone as projects. I still have plenty of phone and icloud storage capacity.
Is anyone having the same problem or has a resolution?


i have similar problem. i have recently uploaded many videos to iCloud Photo Library. If I tried to use any of the videos in iMovie on iOS, I cannot download them. When tapping the download button, it does not do anything.
IS this a bug?