Problem while printing SAP Script

Hi All,
I have one scenario, in which I have to copy the Standard SAP Script  form (HR_ALL_FIX) client '000' and import in the development server as custom SAP script(ZHR_ALL_FIX)  and making change in main window the text. Instead of  "Yours Faithfully" text I have changed it to 'Warm Regards'.
When I try to view the print preview of the script from PP40 tcode,  the output is overlapped.
Instead of 'warm regards' to be displayed at the end of the page, its being printed in between somewhere.
No other changes I have made.
Any inputs and help will be really helpful.
Thanks in advance


I am still facing the problem . tried everything. Have only changed the language while copying from DE to EN.
Also, just creating a Z form without ANY change at all( even the printer used to check print preview is the same)... and attaching it to OOVM transaction and then checking the print preview - TEXT comes randomly (in different order)
Any help will be really appreciated and rewarded..
Awaiting help.
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