Problem in passing customer Partner Functions from ECC to CRM

Hi to all, I am facing the following error in the crm system
1.Partner 0000080059(DCEAB7AC31DA22F1B7CE001372368B21): the following errors occurred
Message no. BUPA_MW_EXCHANGE010
2.Status exists already for this business partner
Message no. CRM_BUPA_FRG0050012
3.Validation error occurred: Module CRM_BUPA_MAIN_VAL, BDoc type BUPA_MAIN.
Message no. SMW3018
My scenario in ECC is: I use a custom BTE copy of VMD_VENDOR_BTE_1421_IMPL which is executed when I save a new vendor. In this BTE I use the FM SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL to create a customer with the same attributes as the vendor, because only customer informations (not vendor informations) pass as Business Partners in CRM. The problem is that when I pass only master datas to the FM SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL, the customer passes to CRM as a Business Partner with the same number, but when I pass also Partner Functions to FM SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL, no Business Partner is created in CRM, and the error I get is that up.
What can I do?
Thank you very much,


Hola Antonio,
I have a same problem.
You can tell me the solution.

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