Problem in Online Editing

Hi Team,
I have created one html file in the local system and uploaded in to KM. And i tried editing the file online, but i got the below error.
System Error
An Exception Occurred during the program Execution.
Go back and try again.
But in my view there two possibilities this error could have occurred.
1) file is created in the local system, and uploaded to portal
2) That html file is not properly created with html tags ( But it opens when i open the html file in IE).
so, i found one document in (You can only use the HTML editor to edit HTML files that you created online. If you edit an HTML file locally, you will not be able to edit it with the HTML editor later on(From - )
But, after i created the file using HTML Editor in portal, if i try to edit the document locally, then i saved it, after i opens the same document in Online Editing it works fine.
Can any one help, what exactly the problem in editing online and how we can overcome this issue.
Best Regards,
Manoj K


Hello Manoj,
I tried the same process of creating file at local system and uploading it in KM documents. When I tried editing that file, I didnt get the error, instead I got the following message.
This HTML file can contain HTML features that the HTML Editor does not support. You may consider editing the source using the Text Editor instead in order to avoid unintended changes that the HTML Editor might cause.
and below the message there were two buttons, HTML editor and Text editor, for editing the document.
It might be because the HTML document created locally are not supported by HTML editor.
you can also check the following link for Mimetype supported in online editing at
Hope this information is of some use.
PS: HTML file was created using notepad and saved as "test.html".

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