Problem in creating new field using AET

Hi ,
We are facing a problem while creating a new field using AET.
Im following this blog while creating the new field using AET.
After filling all the field details and trying to create a Transport request its going for a runtime error.
The error is happening in class  CL_CRM_GENIL_AXT_API
method get_editable_properties.
  data lr_field_ext type ref to cl_genil_field_extension.
  field-symbols <axt_field_extension> type gtype_field_extension.
  data lr_fieldext_ref type ref to if_axt_field_ext_access.
  read table axt_field_extension_tab assigning <axt_field_extension> with key ext_bo       = is_key-ext_bo
                                                                          ext_bo_part  = is_key-ext_bo_part
                                                                          extension_id = is_key-extension_id.
  lr_field_ext = <axt_field_extension>-axt_extension.
  if sy-subrc = 0.
While Debugging we can see that the table axt_field_extension_tab  is having zero values during the last execution.
But the Zfield is getting generated and the status is in green.
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
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you posted the same question again in a later post.
Here is my answer:
the reason that AET does not work is because there is/are missing entries in one of DB table.
Namely the enhance BO assignment to the UI Object Type.
Could you please tell me, what is the UI Object Type in you current IC application.
In order to figure this out, you can put mouse cursor in one of the field in the UI and then press F2.
Then you can go to SM30 in SAP GUI open the View BSPDLCV_OBJ_TYPE and search for the UI object type.
Select the UI object type and see whether any enhanced BO is defined.
In your case it should be empty, otherwise you can use AET in IC.
And if it is empty we need to figure out which enhanced BO is relevant for the given UI Object Type.
P.S. But still you can raise a CSN message.
The "Create New Field" should be in active mode.